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Cheese Lovers Blog

The Adirondack Wine & Food Festival showcases 120+ of NY’s best vendors and that includes Artisan Cheese Vendors of course! In honor of National Cheese Lover’s Day on January 20th, we felt it was fitting to take you through our past and present Artisan Cheese Vendors!

Cheese Filled Company

Cheese Filled company is a local, family owned business that originated in 2014. They offer a line of new and exciting cheese filled gourmet products such as their Famous Cheese Filled Pepperoni in twelve different cheeses from mild to wild. If pepperoni isn’t your thing, they also have their incredible Dilly Dawg, a cheese filled deli sized dill pickle that is filled with the perfect blend of our cheeses. Amongst these include many other products! In 2023 they were the People’s Choice Winner for the Artisan Food Category!

East Hill Creamery

East Hill Creamery has taken the ideal of traditional farmstead cheese and elevated it. By using raw milk exclusively from their own dairy farm they are able to guarantee quality from pasture to plate. The terroir of Wyoming County has led them to focus solely on Alpine-style cheeses. This family own business is understandably proud to be a part of Wyoming County’s rich dairy history, and proud as well of the artisan cheese they are making!

The Mac Factor – Food Truck

The festival offers more than just vendor sampling! Their Food Truck Alley located right outside the festival features the top Food Trucks in NY…that includes the cheesy delight of The Mac Factor! Indulge in their array of gourmet macaroni and cheese such as their Southern Charm BBQ, Buffalo Chicken and you can never go wrong with the Classic Mac! They have options for everyone and I think everyone at the 2023 fest can attest this was a MUST stop.

Worldling’s Pleasure

They are a small, family owned and operated maker of Gourmet Cheeses and Cheesecakes established in 2007. They make all of our products by hand in small batches to ensure the utmost in quality. Additionally, they use as many ingredients in their cheeses and spreads as possible that are local to the Capital District of Upstate New York, thereby supporting the community and guaranteeing the freshness and superior quality of their products!

Nettle Meadow

Nettle Meadow is home to more than 40 award-winning cheeses! Kunik, a trademarked and true American original cheese has received more accolades and awards than we can list here. Also in their collection are other award-winning originals: Amber Kunik, Briar Summit, Adironjack, Sugar Loaf, and Honey Lavender Fromage Blanc. The farm is located in Thurman, New York and is the home to well over 130 farm sanctuary animals.

Culinary Tent Cheesy Delights

If you’re a cheese lover the Culinary Tent is the place to be at the festival! Feast your eyes on demonstrations by local chefs that in most cases involve LOTS of cheese in the dish! Yes, you get to sample of course. There are also Iron-Chef-styled competitions where two chefs face off in a foodie showdown. It’s an attraction you don’t want to miss out on when attending the fest! VIP’s get FRONT ROW and the first ones to sample.

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