#SundayFunday At The ADK Wine & Food Festival!

8 Reasons #SundayFunday at the ADK Wine & Food Festival is the BEST!


Did you know that most people attend the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival on Saturday? Well, did you also know that the best day to enjoy the ADK Wine & Food Festival is Sunday? Not only are General Admission tickets less expensive for Sunday, but there are so many hidden benefits to going to the festival on Sunday! We’ve listed the top 8 reasons why #SundayFunday at the Festival is simply the best! Click here to purchase tickets and enter code BLOG25 at checkout for 25% off! Read more about tickets and offerings.

Current Ticket Pricing with code BLOG25:

  • General Admission Saturday Ticket: $33.75
  • General Admission Sunday Ticket: $30.00
    • 2-Day Weekend Warrior Ticket: $56.25
    • VIP 2-Day Tasting Ticket: $99 (discounts do not apply)
    • Designated Driver / Underage Ticket: $15 (discounts do not apply)

#1 Shorter Lines

Crowds at the festival are much smaller on Sunday making lines shorter and the atmosphere more relaxed!

Less attendees means you and your friends have FREE reign to experience the festival grounds and all it has to offer.

This also is our family friendliest day of the festival because less people means an even more relaxed experience for familes with children!

Enjoy shorter lines to try the wonderful hand-crafted products our 120+ vendors are sampling and displaying.

#2 More Wine

With shorter lines on Sunday, that means you’ll spend less time waiting to enjoy the fantastic wines, beer, spirits and ciders our vendors have to offer; and more time drinking them!

With TONS of local craft beverage makers; each of them sampling 4-15 products each, you will have every opportunity to discover your new favorite craft beverages!

#3 Interact With Vendors

Less crowds on Sunday means more time to interact with our vendors throughout the festival.

Nowhere else in the Adirondacks will you have the opportunity to talk with wine makers, brewers, cheese makers and crafters like you do at the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival!

Learn about wines you’ve never heard of, twists on craft ciders that you’ve never had before and more!

#5 More Music

The Adirondack Wine & Food Festival will have live music during the weekend – and you’ll get to hear exclusive sets from different musicians on Sunday while you enjoy the wine and food you’re there for!

#7 Hang Out With The Locals

Make Festival Weekend a long weekend and hang with the locals on Sunday to make the most of your festival experience – take some time to make some new friends and learn about everything Lake George has to offer!

For locals, Sunday is your best bet! The festival ends at 5pm on Sunday, so plan your drive home ahead of time and sit back and enjoy the plentiful spoils of your festival purchases at home before heading back to the daily grind on Monday!

#4 The Culinary Tent

The Culinary Tent features Iron Chef style cooking competitions. The Chefs will utilize vendor foods and craft beverages in their recipes, plus wine & beer pairing suggestions. Also under the Culinary Tent, local bartenders will demonstrate unique Wine Cocktail recipes opposite the culinary demos, mixing new concoctions from wines and liquors available for purchase at the festival!

#6 Fun For Everyone!

All weekend long at the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival, take a break for some fun with yard games like Corn Hole, Wine Bottle Ring Toss, Giant Jenga and more around the festival grounds; plus we’ll have a kids tent with kids activities

If you’re looking for a little slower pace, shorter lines for sampling and a laid back atmosphere for your kids then Sunday is your day!

#8 Save $$$

Buying a Sunday ticket to the festival will save you much more money as well as get you shorter lines, more wine, vendor interactions, better access to the culinary tent, more music and lots of fun that the entire family can enjoy together!

Tickets for the festival are on sale now! Click here to purchase tickets and enter code BLOG25 at checkout to take 25% off!
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