Cheese Lover’s Day Flash Sale & Cheese Vendor Info!

Cheese Display at the Adirondack Wine Food Festival

National Cheese Lover’s Day is Monday, Jan. 20th, so we figured we’d take the chance to celebrate all the amazing local artisan cheese makers in the Lake George region who serve up some of the best free food samples the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival has to offer! Keep reading to learn more about National Cheese Lover’s Day and the incredible local vendors who make it extra special!

More Than a Silly Holiday

National Cheese Lover’s Day may sound silly but it is actually really important for a lot of local businesses. The post-holiday season hits every business hard; especially small businesses. Big-name cheese brands like Kraft, Sargento, and Philidelphia don’t feel the effects of the fiscal hangover quite like local businesses do in January which is why National Cheese Lover’s Day is so important to our communities, local economy, and our local businesses. Check out our list of fantastic local cheese companies and show them some love this National Cheese Lover’s Day!

<25% on Saturday General Admission, VIP & 2-Day Passes, and up to 30% on Sunday GA and VIP.>>

Nettle Meadow Farms and Sanctuary

Nettle Meadow Farms:

“Happy Critters. Great Cheese!”

Nettle Meadow Farms is a sanctuary farm located in the Adirondacks between Gore Mountain and Warrensburg. Founded in 1990 by Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan. Nettle Meadow Farms has been committed to creating natural artisan cheese and keeping all of their animals happy and healthy. Not only does your support provide growth for its cheese business but also for their farm sanctuary!

To learn more about Nettle Meadow Farms and the Kemp Sanctuary check out their website by clicking HERE and like them on Facebook! 

Dave Randles - Founder of Argyle Cheese Farmer
Dave Randles – Founder of Argyle Cheese Farmer

Argyle Cheese Farmer:

“A Real Farmer, Making Real Cheese”

Dave and Marge Randles began their business in 2007 on their family dairy farm in Argyle, N.Y., that’s been in operation since 1860! This husband and wife duo creates award-winning yogurt, cheese, and buttermilk completely free of artificial hormones! The Argyle Cheese Farmer was the first of its kind in the area to offer yogurt in a recyclable and returnable glass container! How cool is that? So by supporting this local business, you are minimizing your carbon footprint which is something big-name brands could never do!

To learn more about The Argyle Cheese Farmer check out their website by clicking HERE and like them on Facebook!

ADK Cheese co. Spreads

Adirondack Cheese Company: 

“Enjoy the Taste of the Adirondacks All Year Long!”

Located at the gate of the Adirondack State Park,  Adirondack Cheese Company offers dozens of products including aged cheddar, spreads, and other cheese accessories, gifts and home decor can be bought at their retail locations and online!

To learn more about Adirondack Cheese Company check out their website by clicking HERE and like them on Facebook! 

As you can see, shopping locally has so much more of an impact on your community than you may realize. Local businesses influence the local economy, create jobs for your neighbors, encourage entrepreneurship and create the local culture and product diversity so you and your family can have the best natural options. So the next time you reach for the Kraft Singles – shop local instead! Your community will thank you later!

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